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About Mike Manor Music

A Little History
Mike Manor Music was formed January 2009 after a brief time of illness. I was reminded that time is short. My fear of man and fear of failure kept me from doing what I should have done years ago-make my songs available for the edification of believers.
My life was changed dramatically after receiving Jesus Christ as my savior in 1975. From singing at Disney World, Royal Caribbean Cruise Company and Holiday Inns to now using my music and my life to honor the Lord. It is such a privilege and a blessing to serve the Lord.
Mike Manor Music is divided into three groups: Sacred, Children’s and Fun Stuff. The sacred division has music to edify believers and help further the cause of Jesus Christ. The children’s music is written to help build character and develop Christlikeness hopefully having fun at the same time. Last we have the fun stuff division. Here we have hard to find clean, safe, and family friendly music. Usable music for all kinds of activities.
Above all, with Mike Manor Music, I seek to give a message from the heart that reaches the heart for Christ.